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mardi 21 novembre 2017

Space Opera

I definetly need to draw more of  this space-chivalry gang, here's one illustration at last:

jeudi 7 septembre 2017

Three-piece suit

It's time for some concept art! 
Empire style Steampunk/sci-fi  costume it is.

mercredi 28 juin 2017


That was a very long project, I can't believe I managed to wrap it up, although I did abandon it for many months, hense the insane ammount of pictures:

lundi 26 juin 2017

Portrait sculpt

Here's a familiar face!
A mildly stylized portrait sculpt of the actor Ezra Miller:

jeudi 16 mars 2017


Finally something new and very roboty, a biomechanical abomination I've started sculpting last summer and almost forgot.
This was meant to be part of a bigger project, with various shapes and characters, but I don't think I can spare more time on it.

Here's a bit of a backstory:
Vögel inc is a company specialized in machine learning and aero-spatial instruments. Starting in 2185 it has also entered the automate market with some simple home-aid and caretaker androids. This HIIP (human interface integration prototype) is a secret project they have put together for the purpose of researching ways of merging some of the human essence into the machine. It is but a raw piece of technology, unpolished and partly dysfunctional, but it opens the way to many achievements to come.

More pictures >>

jeudi 29 décembre 2016

Bye-bye 2016!

2016 was fun, not quite as efficient as I hoped it would be in terms of personnal art, I have tones of unfinished "left-overs" I'll probably never deal with...I'm still happy with some of the stuff I made. Let's make some plans for the next year to come!

lundi 26 décembre 2016


I've been sketching silly canrtoony unicorn designs and decided
to model one in 3d, for the kicks and for the sake of the challenge.
Modeling my own designs without making any changes to those
in the process can be quite frustrating, but it was definetly fun.

Fortune-teller, star-chaser - Orion

And the last illustration of the 2016 year!

dimanche 16 octobre 2016


A fancy fantasy fencer outfit.


I'm doing the Inktober exercise this year - an ink drawing per day, during one month.
Here are the first two weeks:

jeudi 15 septembre 2016

Work in progress

An alien face, slowly emerging out of the nothingness.

mercredi 7 septembre 2016

The Spectral Realm

Finally got some painting work done!
Have a blue fnatasy lady with a shiny magic sword. And wings. A lot of wings.

mardi 23 août 2016

Ancient king

A new decorative bust sculpt:

And more realistic-ish face sculpting practice!

More shots of the face: 

lundi 6 juin 2016

Arrows and Thorns

 A random face sculpt from imagination, and a lot of ancient greek/roman/christian inspiration, with a touch of baroque. I tend to do those minimalistic white-on-white renders because it reminds me of an exposition of Rodin's statues I visited. A small white room filled with the gorgeous transluscency of bodies and faces made of white marble. I can't compare to Rodin of course, but it's a kind of feeling I'd like to convey in my work.

Space kitty

Tried something cute and stylized, half-way between cartoon and manga: