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lundi 8 avril 2013


Encore un portrait speed.

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  1. Hello,
    Firstly I'm very sorry to say this here, but I can't find anywhere else to share my thoughts, my story. Months ago I came across your Raw Resin blogspot and I immediately fell in love with Ezekiel. He is the first and the only doll since then that I ever love. If you ask me why I love him, to be honest I don't know, I just fell in love, simple as that. When I saw your entry's title about you thinking of selling him, I was so happy and full of hope. But then my heart sank a little when I finished reading the entry, when you say that you wouldn't sell him. I even planned to try to copy him as much as possible. But I didn't do that, because if I did, it would be disrepectful to you, and it wouldn't be Ezekiel. And it would be meaningless.So I took all my courage to write here, to say that if you ever want to part with him, please, please contact me through my fb (Yushiro Bon) or my email ( I'll continue to keep my little hope.
    Again, I'm sorry if I bothered you :( . And thank you for taking your precious tim reading this.
    Best regards.